Monday, January 18, 2010

Holidays 2009

We took the kiddos to the local BMX track and sledded the hillage.
Christmas tree cut down out of the mountains with the kiddos. Annie is always reading. Last August, at age 10, she read the entire Work and the Glory series. I handed her Lund's Kingdom and the Crown series on the Savior last week and she's halfway done.
We squeezed in a trip to Logan for my knighting. I now lie on my bed every morning reading the newspaper naked. Brandi gets pissed.
BMX track sledding. Emmertime and Annie.
Brandi and Matt Matt. He closes his eyes to avoid snow carnage.

Annie making Grandma's cinnamon rolls.
Annie made this hideous tree angel with a goatee about 7 years ago. Tradition.