Monday, December 15, 2008

Ogden Marathon - May 16

I registered for the Ogden Marathon today. This will be my 3rd marathon. If any of you slackers want to man-up and join me, I'd love to have a dad or bro (or 2) to run with.


The Real Jim Heywood said...

I like a challenge!

I accept on behalf of John, Daniel, David, Bryan, Brett, Eric, and Evan.


Bryan & Bobbie said...

Okay then, I challenge you to visit us in Texas.

I would like to run a marathon but I do not think that I am in the physical shape I need to be in.

Dave Heywood said...

I was looking at myself in the mirror the other day, and noticed that I have put on a few pounds in my mid-section. I decided to try and get back in running shape. I ran two miles the other day, and realized I am really out of shape. I had pains all over. My knees and back hurt the most. So, I guess time will only tell if I will ever be able to run a marathon.

Dave Heywood said...

Two miles? I am so ashamed to even admit to that. Then again, I tried to do it in record time. Maybe I should slow it down some. I had the treadmill at nine and slowed down to eight only once. Maybe I will have to work myself back up to nine. But hey, I don't want others to see my running at six. Psshh... might as well run in speedos if I want others to laugh at me.

joeheywood said...

I've actually been slacking the past 2 months with my new job and the huge remodeling job, etc, etc. So, on Saturday, I ran for the first time in probably 2 months.

I went about a mile and then walked. About a half mile, and then walked, About a half mile, and then walked, about a quarter mile, and then I walked the rest of the way home. I stretched afterward and had no pain following, but I definitely will need to work my way back into "running" shape. It comes quickly, though, if you stick to a program. There are several 3-day a week running programs out there. I just finished outlining my running program leading up to May 16. I'll email it to you. It involves a 3-6 mile run on Tuesday, a 3-6 mile run on Thursday, and a Long Run on Saturday (these are the most important and they escalate as the program goes on). In the early weeks, my running is usually shorter with walking involved, and on the Long Runs I almost always mix in some walking. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I cross-train with sit-ups, maybe the bike, or usually I just watch TV.

harwood said...

Dang! Am I ever glad you didn't put uncle in your challenge -- although Hal may be interested.