Saturday, February 21, 2009

Running Old

So, I did a 5 mile run this morning and as I ran past the high school on the Parkway Trail, an old lady was coming up the steps of the high school and she said as I approached her and ran by, "Now that's ridiculous." Assuming she was joking about me out running in the cold morning air, I said, "I agree." She then said as I passed her, "I mean if you were young, that would be fine, but someone as old as I am out running?!"

She had to have been at least 70.


Bryan & Bobbie said...

Hmmmm, very interesting. I wonder why she thunk it.

Hilarious! Laughed my butt off!

The Real Jim Heywood said...

As I read this, I thought of the Ruth Buzzi "little old lady" character from the old Laugh In TV show.

harwood said...

I would've whacked her with my cane.

beatleemma said...

Well that"s embarassing.