Sunday, June 6, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Week

I took the girls up to BYU soccer camp this past week. The Top 25 BYU women's coach runs it, and the men's coach assists. BYU men's and women's soccer players coach the camp. They had a blast. Camp was 9-12 each morning, and I ran errands and did whatever til 11. I then showed up and watched the last hour of scrimmages. Every day we went out to lunch (3 times we went to In-n-Out!). We also went to Brick Oven Pizza, Panda Express, and El Azteca. We stayed the week at Dave and Erin's house. On Wednesday, we went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. On Thursday we went to Seven Peaks Water Park (thanks to free tickets from our friends the Wakefields) and spent 5 hours getting sunburned and having a blast riding all of the water slides. The best one was Boomerang. A giant hydro half-pipe that you drop into on an inner tube and rocket down in and back up the other side; it feels like you are going to launch right up out of the 3-5 story far side of the pipe. Total adrenaline rush and the coolest water ride I've ever been on, including Raging Waters back home in Cali. Thursday night, we drove up with Dave to my bro John's house and hung out there for the Lakers game. Shot some hoop, then watched the game on John and Sunni's 5X9 foot HD projector tv. Waaaayyyyyy cool. We squeezed in a couple of days at shooting ranges in Orem and Nephi to get the girls ready for Hunter's Safety class on Saturday. Dave and Erin hosted a BBQ with a bunch of the fam coming in on Friday night. Saturday, we spent the day in SLC completing the girls' Hunter's Safety class. They rocked the 50 question written test after a morning of class, and then they completed the rifle portion where they have to get 15 out of 30 shots into the kill zone from 50 feet with a .22 rifle. All in all, it was a really, really fun week.
Emmy dominating the goal. Nobody scored. She was overly concerned that they were playing 7 year olds that game, and asked her team if they could let them score after Emmy's team went up 5-0. Her team freaked out and said no way. Emmy was really concerned that the other team's kids were feeling bad.
Annie in the red at center.
Annie playing defense. She likes defense best.
Annie at center. The goalie on her team was amazing. He's the short kid in the light blue shorts to the right.
Emmy at center in red coming out from goal to stop the ball.


Bryan & Bobbie said...

This is fun to read about. I didn't know they are so much into soccer. I think it's great how they are getting their hunter's education done already too. Way cool!

Mother of Eight said...

Fun times and great memories. Thanks for sharing.

The Real Jim Heywood said...

What she said.