Monday, October 18, 2010

Elk Camp 2010

Dad, Dave, and I set up elk camp high atop the Manti-La Sal mountain range above Mayfield, Utah this year. We camped in Dave's trailer at 10,000 feet at Twelve Mile Flat and hunted along the logging roads and canyons in the high country for 5 days. It was awesome! We were in elk herds every day, and we had opportunities at spikes almost daily. We still-hunted pine and aspen forests, climbed high peaks, and walked ridgelines and mountain meadows, all while enjoying each other's company and working hard together to connect on a spike elk. On Friday morning, the fourth day, Dave finally connected for us as we moved in on a herd, and he had a spike elk run right at him - he shot it from 30 yards. W
e quartered the animal, de-boned the meat, and packed it out through a high meadow to a logging road. The weather was perfect, and we had a wonderful time being together as family in some of the most beautiful country on earth!
This is how you look for elk.

Dave, Joe, and Dad with the one elk we downed. Dave shot him from 30 yards after we closed in.
Dave, Dad, and Joe.
My weapon of choice - a Remington .30-06 Model 700 with Leupold scope.
Lying back on a peak looking for elk in the evening after hiking in on a ridgeline in the afternoon.
Dave and Dad toward the end of the day ready to head back to camp. We cooked our dinners over a campfire, grilling chicken and steak over pine logs.
One of the basins we hunted all week. The elk bed it the north facing pines and feed in the open meadows early and late in the day with some movement during the mid-day.
A ridgeline we hunted. The elk bedded in the north facing forest on the left. Heavy game trails run all through the forest.
Dave shot his elk in the meadows below.
Dad and his woolen hunting trowsers - "The perfect hunting pants," he says.
Good times!


Dave Heywood said...

Awesome...I still can't believe I was able to take a 30-40 yard shot on an elk...crazy!

Dave Heywood said...

I posted on my blog too...Dad has all our group elk shots on his camera...

Bryan & Bobbie said...

Oh man! I wish I could have come out there. I have been checking everyday to see if anyone posted pics of the hunt. Maybe next year I'll be there.

joeheywood said...

Next year, its looking like we're going to buy Any Bull tags and take our camp to the Uintahs. Should be awesome trying to get a big bull.

The Real Jim Heywood said...

Awesome trip!