Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Before Picture

My friend, Allan Smith, posted a before and after picture with him only in his underwear last year during our marathon training to show the dramatic change in his body by going through the training. He suggested I do the same this year, so here is my before picture.

Marathon Training has entered the second week. I'm running 3-4 days a week with short runs during the M-F, and a long run on Saturday. I always build up toward the May showdown with the Ogden mountains. Here's the schedule of long runs....

Jan 3 - 4 miles

Jan 10 - 4 miles

Jan 17 - 4 miles

Jan 24 - 5 miles

Jan 30 - 6 miles

Feb 7 - 7 miles

Feb 14 - 8 miles

Feb 21 - 9 miles

Feb 28 - 10 miles

Mar 7 - 11 miles

Mar 14 - 12 miles

Mar 21 Moab Half Marathon! 13.1 miles along the Colorado River.

Mar 28 - 10 miles (step back)

Apr 4 - 14 miles

Apr 11 - 16 miles

Apr 18 - 10 miles (step back)

Apr 25 - 18 miles to celebrate 36 years of life of earth!

May 2 - 13 miles (beginning the 2 week taper)

May 9 - 8 miles

May 16 Ogden Marathon! 26.2 miles of pleasure.

In between shorter weekday runs, I cross train with abs, weights, steps, etc. Last night it was 12 degrees outside as I ran my 3 miles. I also had a severe pain in my lower left leg. But it sure felt good to step into a hot shower afterward!


The Real Jim Heywood said...

I assume you have underwear under all those clothes. And it was pure pleasure to read your post about running whilst sitting on my couch watching Florida & Oklahoma in HD.

Bryan & Bobbie said...

You should double your running and count it for me.

Carrie and Jim said...

I think I'll take a picture of me in my underwear now, then another when you're done training and then post them both so you can see the difference. It will amaze you.


Anonymous said...

What's underwear?


joeheywood said...

The only way I would be amazed by you in your chonies is if you were doing one of the following (in your chonies)...

1. Breakdancing
2. Spelling the winning word in the Hesperia Days Spelling Bee..."adjudicate"
3. Winning the 2009 Hesperia Recreation and Park District Rodeo 5K Fun Run.

Complete all three, and I wouldn't just be amazed, I'd be dazzled.

I love the word dazzled.