Saturday, October 10, 2009

Elk Down Part II

My brother Dave got his first elk this morning. Dave, brother Eric, and I hiked out at 5:45 this morning about two miles. We spotted some elk early, and after getting Dave into position, he shot him at 9:00 am from 373 yards across a deep canyon. It was a great shot considering I was nervously shouting directions at him the whole time like an idiot. He ignored me and connected. He shot him in the nastiest possible location - across a deep ravine on a steep slope covered in oak brush. It was a chore for us to take care of the animal, and we finally finished our work at 1pm. Eric had to leave us from our hilltop right after the shot and go back a mile to pick up all three daypacks that we had left behind. Eric loaded all the daypacks and the rifle on his back, and Dave and I loaded the entire elk on our frame packs. We were all loaded down pretty good. It took us 4 hours to hike the 4 or so miles out. We topped out at 5pm. It was a great day!
Joe, Dave, and Eric.
A picture from the kill site. Dave shot from the top of the hill to the left - 373 yards.
Hiking down through the bottom of the ravine between the shot and the elk.
Dave and Joe loaded up with elk - I had a hindquarter and the backstraps and tenderloin, and Dave had a hindquarter and the two front quarters. We bone out the meat to reduce weight.
Taking a rest on the hike up and out - we had to climb about 1500-2000 feet.
Eric at the end of the hike. A little dehydrated.
Dave resting.


The Real Jim Heywood said...

Some pretty good shooting. Congrats. Wish I'd been there.

Bryan & Bobbie said...

That is so awesome! Your first elk, now dad needs to fill his tag; Eric needs to get a rifle and get his first elk; and, I need to get my fist elk. Is it me or does your elk look waaay bigger than Joe's elk? Elk are impressive in stature anyway, but this one just looks huge! Great story.

I just realized that I am asking Dave these questions on Joe's blog.... oh well.

Dave Heywood said...

My elk is bigger than your elk..ha ha.