Monday, April 12, 2010

Led Astray

Brandi and I parked at Bar M and ran down the dirt track 1.5 miles. There were a few runners on the road and we passed a little aid station and mile markers. The runners had racing number bibs. It turns out there is a "Moab Marathon" and it was this last Saturday. Only 50 runners, and hardly anyone knows about it. We reached the fork where you turn east to continue the 8 mile Bar M Loop or continue south on the old highway trail down past Arches and back into Moab. Well, we turned east to run the loop, and there were some runners about a quarter mile behind us. I kept my eye on them as we ran because I was afraid they would follow us. They did. I had to run back and tell them to go back and take the other road. Easily led astray.

Dave and Erin are coming down this weekend. Dave and I are doing a 19 mile run if anyone wants to join us.

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laura hodges said...

that happenened to me once in a buffet line