Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rock Climbing

We recently took the kids climbing with a park ranger couple in our ward. This is up Potash Road along the Colorado River just a few miles from our house. All the kids climbed and did great!
James getting started.
James climbed up pretty well. I thought he would freak out, but he did great. He even tried a "move" he watched Annie and Emmy do earlier without us telling him to where he posted his legs on one crack and his arms against another to move up.

Brandi climbing.

Brandi resting.

Emmy the spider. The wall was not exactly vertical but close. If you let go, you would hang there but rest against the cliff. It doesn't look as vertical in the photos. It was a good beginner wall.

Emmy climbing - she's about 25 or so feet up here I'm guessing.
Matthew during his brave phase.
Matthew in his scared phase.


The Real Jim Heywood said...

Fun times.

Mother of Eight said...

I'm with Matthew, I'd be stuck in the scared phase.

KarleighJae said...

Jadon: "That's Matthew. That's funny."

Dave Heywood said...