Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Deer Creek

Well, we had a cool family vacation to Texas (I'll post pics from that laters), and then we joined all the bros at ma and pas for some fun this past weekend. We went 16 days between sleeping in our own bed. I'm tired. Here's some pics from a trip to the lake thanks to Dave and Erin. I'm going to post stuff more often and get back into the blog swing again.
James freaking out on the tube with me. We crashed pretty hard the first time and I landed on top of him over the front of the tube. Surprisingly, he got back in for a second run.

Some wakeboardage.


Mother of Eight said...

Fun times, it was soooo great to have all the fam home. Hopefully, Bryan and Bobbie will join us in Utah soon! Love all you guys, Mom

Bryan & Bobbie said...

It was fun to be there with everybody. That was some fun times. I was shocked James got in the tube the first time, but even more surprised the second time. There is lots of talk of us moving since we have been back by the way.

joeheywood said...

Is the moving talk about moving to Utah or your bowels?