Friday, July 31, 2009

The Old and the New

We finished remodeling the kitchen. We're now done with the entire house, except for some little things here and there. Here's some sample shots of before and after rooms.

The OLD kitchen. Notice the little doorway and stackable laundry room to the right which we tore out completely.
The GUTTED kitchen. With a new big open doorway to the living room.
The NEW kitchen!

The OLD bathroom. We tore out the window and gutted the whole thing.

The NEW bathroom.

The OLD living room before we move in.

The NEW living room with bamboo floors and blue paint and new carpet.

The OLD front of the house (with our green grass that died when we went to Texas this summer).

The NEW front of the house.


Scott and Mandi said...

Awesome remodel! We would love to come see it in person :)

joeheywood said...

Anytime. Moab is a cool place.

Mother of Eight said...

Lots of work...Looks great! We have been trying to call and wish Em a Happy one answers. Happy Birthday, Em. See you on Saturday!

The Real Jim Heywood said...

The most important improvement you did was the dish on the roof. Great job!

joeheywood said...

We actually just cancelled the dish. Part of the improvements.

Daniel Heywood said...

Until Pau hits the court again, there isn't much use for the dish anyway. Everything looks great.

Bryan & Bobbie said...

Wow, great job. Me likey!