Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

Instead of the Heywood Family Reunion in So Cal we stayed home this weekend so Brandi could take two final exams and we could put in a new kitchen. I'll post pics as we go. The first pic is just after I ripped out the old 1950s era kitchen: cupboards, counters, sinks, all electrical switches and outlets, lights, a wall, base board, furnace doors, and the ceramic tile floor. The second pic is Brandi slapping on the first coat of paint. I spent all day today patching drywall and texturing. She's painting now while I post this. We have IKEA cabinets to install after the paint and bamboo flooring as well.


joeheywood said...

And I popped in a new window as well.

Bryan & Bobbie said...

That would be a sweet typo. hahaha!

laura hodges said...

Brandi...we like the long hair! Hope to see you and the fam soon! Boone and Fam