Saturday, July 17, 2010

Electric Lake

Brandi had to work this weekend, so I took the kids up to my folks' house for our summer "camping" reunion with all my bros. However, we just hung out at my parents, so I took the kiddos up to Electric Lake and camped on our way to my parents. We canoed, fished, and cooked all of our food over the fire.

James and Matthew stomping around the campsite. We set up right on the lake shore.
Emmy loved fishing. She fished at least 5 or 6 hours the second day. She said she was going to get up early, and true to her word, at about 5 or 6 am, I heard her get out of her tent. I looked out and saw her standing on the lake shore in the pre-dawn mists fishing away. She said she wants to go fishing for her birthday this month instead of having a party.
Matt and James had fun tromping around with the girls through the shallows finding dead fish, chasing minnows, and getting muddy.
These little prairie dog type things were all over the sage hills, and we saw this one swimming across the lake. It was exhausted when it made it to shore, and the kids picked him up and carried him around.
Moon setting behind the mountain. We enjoyed the campfire watching all the stars come out.
I bought a canoe awhile back for $150 from some lady in Moab. We used it to fish around the lake. I caught a 14 inch cutthroat, but everyone else got skunked.

Canoeing the lake with the little people.
We canoed several miles down the lake in the morning trolling three lines out of the boat. It was tiring.
These two rascals showed up just in time for a breakfast cooked in my iron skillet over the coals: bacon, sausage, eggs, and hot chocolate.
Cooking the bacon and warming water for hot chocolate.
The brood.
Looking south from the campsite.


Kay said...

Looks like you had a fun adventure! Memories of fun times together will be well worth the effort for many years to come! Love Your Cute Family! Aunt Kay

Bryan & Bobbie said...

Loved the breakfast. Loved the fishing and hanging out with you guy. I had loads of fun. Good times. So, what happened to the picture of your fish? ppbbsshsh, hahaha!

joeheywood said...

It was too nutty to post here.

johnsun said...

that looks like an amazing place and it looks safe and kid friendly.Was it?

Let me know. That would be a fun place to camp .


joeheywood said...

It was kid friendly. But there was a dead fish, and there was a rat-like creature the kids picked up. I think we should all camp there next year.

Bryan & Bobbie said...

I'm all for camping there. I haven't been camping in three years! Anyone who needs to get back to civilization, like maybe Hunter or something-even though he will be much older by next year, can just head back down to Mom and Dad's. We should plan on at least three days and two nights.

Dave Heywood said...

Erin agrees that camping would be a good thing for next year's get together...nice wide open spaces.