Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wyoming Golf and Fishing

We're up in Star Valley, Wyoming hanging out with Brandi's family. Boone, Mark, and I took Jacob, Ashley, and James golfing at Aspen Hills.
James hopped in the cart, didn't know it was on, stomped on the gas pedal and rammed into my truck.
Ben Hogan-like swing. Sandals by Teva, shorts by Wrangler, shirt by Redsand, and hat by Nike.
James' favorite part was riding in the cart....and putting on the greens.
Teeing off with the mountains looming.

Boone's power swing.
Joe's sweet stroke.
Mark teaching Ashley the art of putting.
Boone and Jacob.
James loved putting, but he didn't understand how to place his feet.
Riding the cart. My favorite part, too.
Group photo. Mark and Boone are Brandi's brothers.

Boone, Brandi's dad Eric, and I took Tyler and Emmy fishing up the Little Grey's River.
Boone, Tyler, and Grandpa fishing upstream from me and Emmy.
Father and son.
My "keeper" golden cutthroat trout. We could only keep 1 over 12 inches. Fishing in Chacos!
Emmy's first cutthroat trout! She thought her line was caught in a pool behind a rock, and it was....on a fat trout!
Father and daughter.

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Bryan & Bobbie said...

It is so beautiful there. This reminds me of the time Eric and I joined you guys for a week or so for some fishing and fireworks. It was a blast. It looks like you guys are having just as good of a time. Nice fish too!