Saturday, July 7, 2012

80 Days of Summer - Day 37

A rare Saturday at home. I spent the day building a long-promised fort for the boys. I used railroad ties for the foundation, and some reclaimed lumber from a back porch at my school we just tore down. It's about 40% complete here - the frame and some basic plywood. Matthew was in tears when Annie said she was going to paint flowers all over it. James and Matthew were thrilled to use my Sawzall to cut 1/2 thick steel screws off in the reclaimed wood. James, "Matthew, we're cutting metal!"
 We have big plans for a flag pole, a sliding pole, a top deck, stairs, slides, and an upstairs bathroom (Matthew's request, which was denied).
 Ran out of random plywood sitting around the house.
Date lunch at Zax with my gal. (Accidentally posted this on Day 36 - Friday's events). We then went for a long walk on the Mill Creek Parkway and through Rotary Park. Then a romantic trip to the grocery store. I like being married to my best friend.
 Ended the day with a hot fudge malt.
 Annie's hot fudge malt - a promised reward if she ran 8 miles this morning with her mama (she'd never run more than 5).
My dad posted this picture on Facebook. I love this pic. Here's my posted response:
"When I walk into the gates of Heaven, I fully expect this scene to await me. With Grandpa Heywood sitting in the chair with you. You'll hand me a cone, and we'll chat about life and how good the ice cream is in heaven. Just make sure your white robe closes in the back."

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The Real Jim Heywood said...

Love the fort idea - they'll love it.

I like being married to my best friend as well. I've heard it said you can't marry a friend and have a good marriage, but I've always contended that the best marriage partners are best friends - and that makes for a wonderfully happy marriage.

And as I commented on Facebook, I can see that scene you describe at the Pearly Gates.