Wednesday, July 11, 2012

80 Days of Summer - Days 40-41

State Softball Tournament
 Gold Bar emptied overnight as The Lone Ranger moved to a new shooting location north of town. We couldn't believe how fast they picked up and left literally during the night.
 Visited Brandi girl at her office before leaving town for the tourney. 
 This is the weirdo I posted a pic of the other day. This note says, "Naked and barefoot" on the back of the van in chalk, and on the front it said, "Get ready for another movie." He parks out along Potash Road by the river near Gold Bar.
 Emmy on 3rd base. She scored soon after. They won their first game, got killed in their second game that night, and then on Day 2, they lost a nail-biter in extra innings. She had a lot of fun though. Emmy is the happiest girl alive. She's always positive and full of energy. She's really fun to be around.
 She wanted ribs the first night between games, so we found this new place in Provo. Dang good food!
 Rack of ribs, Texas toast, and sweet potato fries.
 Emmy in right field. She moved back and forth from center to right this tourney.
 Emmy on deck.
 Stiking out. She played really nervous this tourney, as did many of the players. She had two walks and three strikeouts. Scored once.
 After getting bumped from the tourney on Day 2, we went to El Azteca in Provo - I have loved eating here since I was a BYU student many years ago. 
 El Azteca - I had an amazing coconut shrimp taco with huge chunks of mango and great sauce. Delish. Emmy had a caramel filled churro after her tacos.
We went up to the BYU campus and had a hot fudge malt at the Creamery. What used to be a great place for ice cream is freaking nasty - it's the dirtiest eatery I've ever been into, and that includes a lot of dives in inner city Kansas City when I was a missionary there. It was filthy. They hadn't mopped or swept the floors in days at least. White trash. The ice cream was still good, though. All in all, it was a fun two-day trip. Bummer of a loss to close the tourney. It was 102 degrees during that last game, with the first pitch at 12:30 and the last out around 3:00 pm. We were torched by the end. 

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