Monday, July 9, 2012

80 Days of Summer - Days 38 and 39

Johnny Depp Demands My Tractor
Day 38 was Sunday - a long day at Church with meetings and such, but a nice day. Closed with our traditional dinner of elk or deer roast and homemade bread. Brandi and I also watched the movie, Iron Lady. Well acted. Good flick. The dementia stuff got a little tedious. Falling in love with this Vitamin Water stuff, too. 
 Day 39, Monday, began with this! I rented a tractor to remove the front yard and some of the back prepping for new grass. I had the bucket raised with a chained cement block setting in the dump trailer. I had lifted the cement and post and needed to hop out and unhook the chain from the bucket. I didn't see a steel "talon" sticking down from the bottom of the bucket and took it right to the head. I fell to my hands and knees and almost passed out - had the wave of fogginess. Other than a throbbing headache, no worse for the wear, though it still hurts 14 hours later. 
 I let the boys ride with me in the tractor. They were pretty stoked.
 James was fascinated that we could pick up so much dirt at once. They also thought it was cool that two joysticks controlled the whole thing. Left is for steering, and the right was for the bucket.
 I basically scraped off the entire old lawn which was dead, and a ton of dirt that the idiot who poured our driveway just spread all over the front yard instead of hauling it off. Hauled away 4 big trailer loads of dirt.
Around 6:30 pm, the rental center calls me and says, "You were going to return that tractor tomorrow morning, but we need it tonight. The movie crew up the river filming Johnny Depp's Lone Ranger film needs it for something." I told them I wasn't finished yet. In the end, they let me keep it until 9:00 pm. Johnny Depp needs my tractor, but he will have to wait. Closed the day with a 2 mile walk along Mill Creek with Brandi Girl and a Liger's Blood Icee. 

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