Tuesday, July 24, 2012

80 Days of Summer - Days 47-55

Star Valley, Wyoming
We finished up our week in Star Valley with some fishing, a trip to Bear Lake, more golf, running, and just relaxing. It was a wonderful trip. The kids love their Wyoming cousins - they played and played. We went to see Ice Age 4 Saturday - which was pretty funny. And a couple of nights we played Night Games with the kids - Annie I Over and Ghost in the Graveyard. Returned to Moab on Sunday, and back to work this week. Summer is nearing completion. 
 Relaxing on Boone and Laura's back porch with one of my favorite views in the world. Reading Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner this week. Love his work. I did a couple of 8 mile morning runs through the farm country this week. Beautiful weather and great roads to run. Ready to run the Morgan Marathon this week with my brother John.
 We went golfing with Boone and Laura. I gave Brandi a glove, and it wasn't until Hole 5 that I noticed she had put the left-hand glove on her right hand. The velcro strap was on the palm of her hand. Pretty funny. She threw it at me when I pointed it out. Brandi parred her first hole ever on Hole 9!
 Boone and Laura let me tryout for their mud volleyball team in case one of their players didn't show up on Saturday for their tournament. I made the cut because they needed an extra player. It was a blast. I learned that one does not wear Keens in mud that has rocks. My feet are still bruised. It was a lot of fun, though. We took 2nd place. That's me in the yellow shirt. I suck at volleyball, but it was cool in the mud.
 I slipped away and fished the Little Grey's River one morning. The water was high, but I still caught a lot of cutthroats - nothing very big though.
 More mud volleyball. 
 Brook trout caught on the Salt River. My new Mitchell 300 XE reel.
 Trout caught on the Salt River.
 Trout on the Salt River.
 Boone is always reading. A bookworm. A big bookworm.
 Emmy at Bear Lake.
 James at Bear Lake.
 Laura and Brandi chatting.
 Me and my gal.
 Nice pose.
 The kid troupe of cousins at Bear Lake.
Mud guy.

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