Saturday, June 2, 2012

80 Days of Summer - Day 1

So, our summer vacation started yesterday - I don't have every day off, but I have a bunch as a Director of a small charter school in Moab, Utah. I decided to chronicle our 80 Days of Summer via our blog. Expect a post every day. Some will be more exciting than others. My dad is hanging out in Moab this week while my mom is in Washington, D.C. with our daughter, Annie, and her middle school Quiz Bowl team. Friday, June 1, being the first of the 80 Days of Summer, we decided to take our canoe and kayak and float the flatwater section of the Colorado River from the Moab bridge to Gold Bar - about a 4 hour float. The bridge is 1 mile from our house at the north end of Moab. Brandi was at work, so the 4 Hour Tour included shipmates, Jim (my dad), Joe (me), Emmy, James, and Matthew. 

Entering summer feet first.
 Putting in at the boat launch north of the Moab bridge. 
 Emmy manned the kayak most of the time - I took turns when her arms got tired. The boys manned the canoe with me and Grandpa.
 We threw a cooler in the canoe with Ding Dongs, granola bars, Gatorade, Strawberry sodas, a sub sandwich, chips, and grapes for a sandbar lunch stop. Emmy chilling on her kayak.
 James throwing down a Strawberry brewski.
 River guide dining.
 Entering the portal.
 There's a weird axle mechanism along the river edge here. Rock climbers use the cliffs in the background - a bunch were out today on what they call "Wall Street." We took the kids climbing there a couple summers ago with some friends. 
 Emmy cruising along.
Paddling along.

We stopped to swim and play whenever we couldn't take the canoe seats any longer.
 Lunch and cooling off.
Finished the day on a date with Brandi to Grand Junction, CO. Outback Steakhouse, Cabela's, and Ross.