Saturday, June 2, 2012

80 Days of Summer - Day 2

We were going to hike Mt. Peale (12,721) today, but woke up to thunder and lightning warnings. So, we did yard work instead and had a fun evening. Mt. Peale on Monday!
 My dad and I spent several hours digging out and putting in this planter. Moved pampas grass plants from the back yard to the front and put in the railroad ties. Next step, sod for the front yard. The front yard was torn up when they built the addition this winter.
 Evening swim down the street at our indoor pool. Love diving off the high dive.
Dad went for a walk in downtown Moab and bought himself some schwag.
Took the kiddos to see Avengers. Emmy had seen it before and told us there were TWO extra scenes. The first is two alien "badguys" talking about earth after the first set of credits (not too long after the end of the movie). The second scene is after ALL the credits have rolled - takes awhile. This is a picture from that second scene. You have to remember Iron Man's "shawarma" reference after he falls back to Earth.

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