Sunday, June 17, 2012

80 Days of Summer - Day 17 - Broken Finger

Father's Day!
Yesterday, we stopped in Jackson Hole for dinner at The Gun Barrel with the kids on the way out of the Wind Rivers. When we reached the cars after eating, I opened my car door to get in and was holding the door with my left hand. Emmy had climbed into Boone's big Dodge truck and closed the door, but then she suddenly opened the front passenger door to move to the back seat. The truck door swung out and crushed my ring finger between the two car doors which met edge to edge right on my finger. Crazy pain. Luckily, Boone is a hand therapist, so today, we went down to his clinic and he made a custom plastic splint for my fractured finger. I also took a pair of metal sheers and cut my wedding ring off since it was getting really tight from the swelling and in the way of the splint. We had homemade steak and crab legs for dinner after church. The only thing missing from a good Father's Day was cute Brandi. Can't wait to see her tomorrow. 
Cut ring and splint. 
Dr. Hodges and Dr. Heywood in the clinic.

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