Wednesday, June 13, 2012

80 Days of Summer - Day 12

Run - Work - Burger - Bucks
Started the morning by going out for a 12 mile run. I love going up 500 West from our house, turning onto Kane Creek Road, and hitting the Colorado River 2 miles into the run. I then run along the shading cliffs in the cool air to Kane Creek and up the dirt road into the beautiful red rock canyon to the Amasa Back trailhead parking. The road lies along the cliffs in the picture above. Felt good til Mile 8 and then ground out the last 4 miles. Running is weird that way. Sometimes I feel great the whole run, and sometimes that feeling comes and goes. Getting ready for the Morgan Marathon at the end of July.
Took the boys to work with me to give Annie a break from babysitting. They insisted we go to Burger King for lunch to get the crowns. Hadn't been in years, and just like last time, it was like eating a pile of dog crap. 
We leave Wednesday for my conference in SLC (presenting on Conflict Resolution for Principals at the State Charter School Conference) and our backpacking trip in Wyoming Thursday through Saturday. So, Brandi gave me my Father's Day present, which was freaking awesome, but I can't say what it was because my Dad is getting the same gift but not until Sunday. I can't wait to post pics and talk about it. Way cool. Spent a couple of hours in the evening visiting people as a Bishopric and doing church stuff. Visited a lady from our ward who just entered the rest home - man I always feel bad for people when they're still "with it" enough to know what's happening, but physically have to leave home to live in a hospital setting. Brandi then took me out to our favorite restaurant in town, Buck's Grill House for Father's Day (early). He's a high end San Francisco trained chef that combines his talents with a western grill. A little pricey, but dang good. Brandi had Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Tamales, and I had pulled pork and ribs. Then the Thunder thumped Bron Bron, and the day was a good one.