Thursday, June 7, 2012

80 Days of Summer - Day 6

I drove home from Scout Camp this morning - stopped in Blanding for Biscuits and Gravy at a new restaurant there called Fat Boyz. Delicious. A guy from New York sat in the booth across from me - he was probably my age - late 30s. I was reading the morning papers on my phone and eating. He asked the waitress a bunch of questions about the size of the town and things, but she didn't have all the answers, and he was frustrated. He then wanted to look up a business, so he asked for a phone book. (I didn't know people still used phone books.) Because he didn't have his reading glasses, he asked the waitress to read it to him. By this time, she seemed frustrated with him. I wanted to walk over to him, show him my iPhone and say, "This is a representation of the 21st Century. Everything you just asked the waitress could have been discovered by using this device."
 I arrived home at noon. The girls headed to the pool with friends, and the boys asked to go to McDonalds (blech). Matthew likes to put a little of every soda in the fountain into his cup.
Stopped at our local bookstore - Back of Beyond Books to use a gift card. I finally bought the book Freakonomics, which I've been wanting to read for years. So far, so interesting! There was an icee shop next door, so the boys bought bubblegum icees. 
 Spent the afternoon at the pool. Matthew loves the outdoor kiddy pool with rock slides and fountains. I sat in the shade and read my new book while the boys played with friends for several hours.
 Sad because the pool closed at 5:00.
Took Annie to her youth activity at the church where the girls were learning to set up tents getting ready for girls' camp. Emmy then had an 8:00 pm softball game that went two hours. Home by ten. I filmed her at-bat where she faced the league's biggest, fastest pitcher and took one right on the hip bone. You can hear the thud in the video. Third time in my life I've seen her cry. But the video wouldn't load into the blog. The picture above is her walking to the plate. They lost in extra innings by one run. Got home and was so tired, I only watched the 4th quarter of the recorded Thunder/Spurs game. Great series. We're off to Mesa Verde after work today to camp for three days and explore Indian ruins. Won't post again until Sunday probably.


James Heywood said...

Love these updates. It makes my relatively boring life exciting. BTW, I got several pics of Emmy playing in her game last week. I'll send them.

Brad Anderson said...

I loved Freakonomics!