Wednesday, June 6, 2012

80 Days of Summer - Day 4

I'm late posting this because in the afternoon of Day 4, I left for a scout camp (see Day 5 post), and didn't get home until 2 days later.I went for an early morning (6:00 am) 8 mile trail run on the Bar M Trail. This is my favorite training trail as it is only 9 miles from town, has gorgeous views of Arches National Park and the La Sals, and it's relatively even rolling terrain. Dad went with me and ventured off on a hike while I ran. After the run, we drove up into the mountains to Mill Creek Canyon with the kids.
Trail runner.
 After the run, Dad and I took Emmy, Matthew, and James to upper Mill Creek just below the La Sal Loop road. There's a network of trails down into the creek and along it made by rock climbers. Several groups of climbers were down there today. A climber told me about the oasis several years ago. He said it was a lush, riparian canyon filled with pools, falls, and greenery with great cliff walls and boulder formations. "And there are butterflies everywhere," he said. It was very pretty down there. We took a lunch and explored the upper portion.
Several "trails" descend into the canyon. Some require rappelling, and others allow you to "walk" down rope lines. James and Matthew decided to go shirtless today. James paid for it later when he wandered into a patch of stinging nettle. 
 Joe and James. (As an aside, I retired my Chacos, which I always hated, for a pair of Keen sandals. I would wear these everyday if circumstances allowed. They are the most comfortable all around sandal/shoe I've ever had. I made Brandi buy some the other day against her will.)
 Dad and his ever-present camera (
 Emmy, James, and Matthew in the creek. My dad is above them and to the right on the rock taking photos.
 James and Matthew descending a "trail."
 Emmy and Grandpa eating lunch on a log bridge.

 Matthew exploring the creek - cold mountain water with fish! Taking our poles next time.
 Matt exploring.
Contemplative Grandpa.

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James Heywood said...

It was hard to believe this lush creek existed about 30 minutes from Moab.